22 February 2019, Friday, 2:05
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Riot Against Communal Services Near Maladzechna


The whole village is protesting.

Usually, very few people would risk to fight with communal workers, even if the whole house is discontented. Now the whole village is protesting in Turets-Bayary near Maladzechna.

While the houses are waiting for thorough overhaul, the utility services do not even try to keep them in good condition, Belsat reports.

The communal entrance hallways are heated only in two of the houses. The wind wanders inside the rest of them in winter, and the tenants rifle icicles from the walls. The mold on the walls of the apartments is already the norm. The people hear in response to their complaints that it happens because of double-glazed windows, which the inhabitants have installed incorrectly.

It follows from the papers that the sewage system is in normal condition. And they blame the residents for its deterioration – the tenants use it improperly. The cellars are often flooded, water destroys the walls.

Village residents literally pulled journalists to pieces. After all, at every step they had something to show. The roads are bad, the storm-water drainage system does not work. Pits were back-piled only when they found out that television was coming. People are outraged that they have to pay for utilities in full, but they do nothing for them.

Lawyers advise to start disputes on communal issues only in the order prescribed in the law "On protection of consumers of housing and communal services" and write a separate statement for each problem. The executive has to come and draw up a pre-action statement. And if he believes that everything is fine, the consumer can ask to organize an independent examination.

The Executive Committee organizes a commission, which includes both representatives of the government and independent accredited experts. Within five days they check everything and give an opinion. Their service is paid. If someone does not agree with the results, the decision of the commission can be appealed in court.

One must be ready for legal expenses. However, they can be shared among all the residents of the house. And if the court supports you, then all the expenses will go to the side of the communal services.