22 February 2019, Friday, 2:01
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Student, Who Headed Youth Of Belarusian Popular Front", Expelled From BSU


Hanna Smilevich was elected chairman of the organization less than a month ago.

Youth of BPF chairman Hanna Smilevich can be sent down from the faculty of journalism of the Belarusian State University, nn.by writes.

"At first, I did not think that they were flunking me because of politics, but then I was almost directly told about it. Yesterday I came to pass the physical education, and the teacher told me that people from the KGB had come to him and asked about me."

The KGB employees tried to find out from the teacher of physical culture, whether Anna Smilevich had something to do with the BPF. Eventually, the teacher gave the pass:

"But today I got a third retaking in the exam on the journalist’s professional ethics. They explained me in the dean's office that I would be sent down. They said I would not be able to retake so many exams, so I would be expelled. Naturally, I'm going to appeal against this decision," – Hanna Smilevich said.