19 November 2018, Monday, 9:10
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Court Resolves To Seize Belsat’s Equipment


The case of Belsat TV ‘illegal use of the Belsat trademark’ got unexpected continuation.

On Tuesday, the Pershamaiski district court in Minsk resolved to confiscate some equipment that was seized from Belsat TV during the search in spring. The sentence was delivered by judge Anastasiya Papko, belsat.eu reports.

In addition, the judge imposed a fine of Bn 980 on cameraman Ales Liubianchuk for the alleged violation of copyright for the Belsat trademark.

Also, in accordance with the court resolution, the following equipment is confiscated: two computer processing units, two monitors, two disk drives, a laptop and a video camera . The equipment was qualified as a subject of an administrative offence.

“I think everything is clear: it is not about copyright abuse, it is about freedom of speech and censorship,” – the cameraman commented on the sentence.

The cameraman managed to get back his personal belongings – a Go Pro camera and a photocamera which were also seized in the spring of 2017. Law enforcement officers failed to prove that Liubianchuk used them when contributing to Belsat TV.