13 December 2018, Thursday, 22:10
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Andrei Stryzhak: ‘Blocking Of Charter’97 Is Invasion On Belarusians’ Rights And Freedoms

Андрэй Стрыжак

There is not a single reason to block the website.

Andrei Stryzhak, activist of the REP trade union, told this to Charter97.org:

- On January 30, the hacking of the website of the independent trade union REP was reported. How can you comment on this situation?

- Apart from our website, many other resources that were on our server were hacked. Attackers blocked our access to the admin page. Fortunately, we managed to regain control of the site and now we are working on our security. We do not have direct evidence that the state did this, but in connection with the “trade union case”, we do not exclude that agents of special services could do this.

- A week before hacking the website praca-by.info, the site Charter97.org was blocked. How can you comment on such actions of the Belarusian authorities?

- I agree with my colleagues and I think that the blocking of Charter’97 is interference in the right to express opinion. Such actions cannot lead to anything good. Сharter97.org was and is an important source of information about what is happening in Belarus. This is interference in our personal rights, the right to receive information.

I am also a reader of Charter’97. I wish all of us that the situation with the blocking is resolved. There is not a single reason for restricting access to the site. There should be freedom of expression, freedom of information transfer.

A person should decide what to read and what source of information to use for this. So far, the Charter’97 readers have to improve their knowledge of technology and use various programs to bypass the block, but I hope that access to the site will be restored.