22 July 2019, Monday, 13:46
We are in the same boat

Kalinouski In Brest: Rush Liar And Traitor And Defend Your Country!


The national hero is appealing to the Belarusians again.

Kastus Kalinouski, a national hero of Belarus, has appeared with the new Peasant Truth in Brest, Charter97.org readers report.

The street art installation appeared in the very center of the city, in Lenin Street. There, the leader of the uprising in 1863-1864 is turning to modern Belarusians:


Once again I appeal to you. My chest groans, the heart aches to see how what you got, people, so easily, has been spent for twenty-five years. Freedom and independence – what we died for with weapons in our hands and on Moscow gallows.

People, you’ve made a mistake, having chosen a liar and traitor. He betrays people, but bows down to the Moscow gingerbread like the lowest of the low. He has strangled freedom, humiliated our language, and he has changed our ancestral symbols to the devil ones. He gives our independence to the Moscow king slice by slice.

My brothers, dear men, sweep the liar and his lackeys off our native land! People, when you hear the Moscow horde crawling from the east, don’t hide and don’t run away, but grab what's at hand and fight for your human and national right, for your native land all together!

After all, I am writing to you, my people, from the other world for the good, because only then you will live happily, when there is neither a lying tyrant nor a Maskal ruling you.

Yaska host from Vilna."

Interesting fact - as historians testify, it was not far from this place, near the church, where Brest residents found editions of Muzhytskaya Pravda a century and a half ago. Perhaps, then, Kastus Kalinouski himself brought them to Brest.