20 February 2019, Wednesday, 23:35
Appeal of the BPR Rada

“How Can One Speak With These Authorities At All?”: Long-Brewing Outrage In Regions


The village council literally poisons the locals with herbicides.

Mass fish mortality in Homel region. This time, in the village of Yarohava. Favorite holiday destination of vacationers and retirees has suffered from ... it is not yet known what. But local residents place responsibility on the agricultural enterprise, Belsat reports.

Both smaller and larger ones, predators and crucians ... All the fish is belly-up.

“I came to the lake – and there was a complete nightmare. All shores were covered with dead fish. What was the matter? Why? Had there been such a rain or what?” – local resident Mikhail asks the sarcastic question and tells how he saw with his own eyes that a week before the incident, a tractor of the Tsiaplichnaye local economy was spraying with something the winter rye nearby. Although, the state environment protection inspector came only after our TV crew.

“I do not know yet, I cannot comment on anything.”

And a few days after taking the fish for examination – there’s silence.

The local people claim that the Tsiaplichnaye economy has been violating sanitary standards for at least 5 years. Valiantsina Smal, a resident of the Ulukau village council:

“They treated potatoes with herbicides. And the wind was 15 meters a second, and they did not take into account the sanitary zone with our gardens. A large area of my strawberries was damaged, people’s beets, raspberries. And we did not get any compensation from them.”

A year later, the local residents, who have already been taught how the agricultural enterprise ignores their problems, record on video how the tractor is carrying out work 25 meters from their private gardens. Although, the sanitary standards are 50 meters.

“And they are writing the answer to us, Yarmolchyk, deputy head of the district executive committee, that everything is correct.”

“How can you even talk to this power?”

Watch the continuation in the video.