23 February 2019, Saturday, 12:50
Appeal of the BPR Rada

“I Hadn’t Been Warned That I Was Supposed To Speak Belarusian”


Independent journalists recorded a shouting match with the police.

Policemen braced journalists Milana Kharytonava and Ales Liavchuk to take testimony, but in fact they already had drawn up reports, Belsat reports.

Major Uladzimir Savva and his colleague Vadzim Sabaleuski wanted to know whether the journalists had been at the shooting in the village of Aziata, Zhabinka district, on August 20.

The workers of the bodies did not want to give explanations in the Belarusian language and draw up the protocol in Belarusian, since they did not have the appropriate forms. Therefore, they were forcing journalists to sign testimonies without acquainting them with rights.

“I tell you that I don’t remember where I was and what I did on August 20, and you write that I wasn’t there, it’s not true. And I want you to explain me the rights in Belarusian, and you can't do it,” – Milana Kharytonava said.

“You didn’t warn me that I would have to do it in Belarusian,” – the major answered confusedly.

After the interrogation, law enforcement officers immediately handed over the already prepared protocols to the journalists: one for alleged work without accreditation and the production of material about workers who had not been paid salaries for a year and were not fired, the second for shooting in the village where the mortality of pigs had happened.