20 February 2019, Wednesday, 5:16
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Volha Nikalaichyk: I Ceased Going To Trials, I Do Not See Any Point


The public activist has been actively involved in the defense of Kurapaty for several months.

Volha Nikalaichyk has told Radio Racyja how much it cost her.

As it is known, the picketing of the Let’s go Get Some Eats restaurant near the memorial to the victims of Stalin's repressions in Kurapaty has been continuing for more than three months. The protesters demand the closure of the entertainment facility, but the restaurant still works:

– I have a lot of fines for the defence of Kurapaty, and they are constantly increasing. They give 40-50 basic units and, I believe, over the summer-autumn, they amounted to $ 3,000, which I have to pay the state. I don’t know the exact amount, because I ceased going to the trials, I do not see the point. But the traffic police have drawn up about twenty protocols. A lot of provocateurs come to the restaurant, and the defendants of Kurapaty are always made guilty.

– And how are you going to compensate for that amount?

– Yesterday, the bailiffs reported that another case had been opened against me, so they would reduce the fines where possible. But, obviously, I will not be able to pay off the entire amount at once.