22 February 2020, Saturday, 4:31
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Belarusian Beaten By Kokorin, Mamayev: Blood Went Through Ears

Belarusian Beaten By Kokorin, Mamayev: Blood Went Through Ears

At least five people stroke the blows. 

Vital Salauchuk, beaten by footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, spoke about the incident to sports.ru.

A 33-year-old citizen of Belarus, driver of the Channel 1 host Olga Ushakova, got into intensive care as a result of the attack.

- The Mercedes was parked in the 2nd Brest Street. I expected Olga Viktorovna, she was at shootings.

Suddenly a drunk girl got into the car, saying, I would stay here for a while to get warm. I asked the girl to leave, she began to swear: “I will not leave and that’s it!”

Some guy came up, after about 40 seconds, opened the door and took her. Literally in a couple of minutes I was already going to drive off, when I heard the sound - a knock on the car, as if something had broken.

Of course, I went to see what they threw onto the car. I saw a group of young people. They were aggressive, they began to ask, they said, you know who I am. And that sort of thing. They shouted that I allegedly insulted them. It was not the case - I was at work. And then they started beating me.

- How many of them were there?

- At least five people struck the blows. They beat me with hands and feet. I repeatedly fell on the asphalt. Most blows went to the head.

During the beatings, they shouted something like don’t you dare to apply to the police. After a while, they left me, probably, decided that a little more, and there would be a much more pitiable outcome. I did not see where they fled, I was not up to it.

Honestly, I was not in the best mind condition. I got into the car, drove away from the 2nd Brest Street to the concert hall of Tchaikovsky. I felt bad, I wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible so that the beating would not happen again.

I stopped, got out of the car, then a stranger approached me, who saw the whole incident. He said he called the police.

- What injuries do you have?

- Traumatic brain injury, fracture of the bones of the nose, contusion of the soft tissues of the face. I lost a lot of blood, it went through the ears. All clothes were soaked in blood.

- How severe is the damage to the car?

- From what I know, - a blow to the wing, a crack on the window.

- Have there been any threats in your address?

- Not yet. A Glonass DVR was installed in the car, and the engine was started, so the DVR should have worked.

Probably, it showed the beginning of the fight. However, I already recognized Kokorin and Mamayev by the photos of the offenders,” said the victim.