18 July 2019, Thursday, 15:05
We are in the same boat

“It Has Been Proved That Courts In Belarus Are Corrupt”


Freelance journalist Tamara Shchapiotkina has appealed to the UN.

Another cassation complaint of Biaroza freelance journalist Tamara Shchapiotkina has not been sustained, and the decision of the Baranavichy court has not been changed.

The journalist appealed against the decision of Baranavichy District Court judge Yuliana Shcherba, who punished Tamara for preparing materials for Radio Racyja – “Vasil Dubeika: Our Businessmen have not Become Patrons of the Arts” and “Museum-Estate of A. Mitskevich in Zaosse.” After the journalist’s short explanation in court about the falsified protocols and that the courts and fines are neither more nor less than prosecution coming from the special services, judge Aliaksandr Sauchuk read out the decision without a second doubt: “The circumstances of the commission of the offense were fully revealed by the court. There is no reason for changing the ruling mentioned in the complaint.”

The decision of Judge Sauchuk, who tried previous Shchapiotkina’s case, outraged those present:

“Well, our courts are corrupt. It has been proven.”

“The trial was conformist. The court delivered the judgment on the basis of fake protocols.”

“The police protect not the people, justice, the law, but the authorities.”

“Our policemen use the methods of the NKVD – they falsify protocols, and the court accepts it.”

The journalist was skeptical about the judge’s proposal to appeal against the decision in the highest judicial instances of Belarus and announced that she would appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee.