20 February 2019, Wednesday, 23:33
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Complete Success Of Protesters In Belarus

People have thrown their weight behind fair director. And they won!

Protesters have gained a complete victory over officials. However, it's not a large-scale victory - it's about a collective farm, Belsat writes. Officials tried to impose their decision, but people of the Otryabrsky district, Homel region, suddenly stroke back. Ihar Kulei tells the story about solidarity and its results.

"They arrived at 7 am and stated that he was dismissed!"

It's is about officials of the Oktyabrsky district who arrived in Valasovichy village and informed that local director of Nekrashinsky agricultural farm, Vasil Petrovich Lakhanski, was dismissed. The decision was made despite of valid labour agreement until January next year. And employees immediately outraged.

Employees of OAO Nekrashinsky:

"They want to assign someone they know well. But it's not fair!"

"We personally elected him every year! . And you have made such a decision without our consent!"

"Last year he was awarded. He is a key employee. They trampled on his feelings!"

Everyone here respects director Lakhanski. For almost 20 years he's been the director. Locals say there were no arrears in wages. And their farm stays afloat while their neighbors have drowned.

Employees of OAO Nekrashinsky:

"He approached us for a minute. We say - Petrovich, Petrovich. We all cried. And he left, he felt so ashamed."

"There are only two collective farms in the district which still work. Will they assign another director? What will he do? Will he just walk around? It will take him two-three years to ruin our farm."

"It has been done like that to neighboring villages. They assigned new directors, and their management was failing. And now they have targeted at our collective farm."

"He is resigned. What for? We will go on strike unless our head is reinstated in position."

After such a response, district officials backpedaled and noticed that the decision's made and the head remained in office. This time officials from a trade union arrived to calm down the crowd.

Employees of OAO Nekrashinsky:

"Will you restore our collective farm? You won't! You can only ruin it!"

"These trade union's representatives only require us to milk cows on time; they do not care about us!"

The district leadership had no argument for dismissal of the director of the Nekrashinsky collective farm. Confused employees asked their head about events.

Vasil Lakhanski, the director of OAO Nekrashinsky:

- We work poorly, and our indicators are low.

- But we have best results in the district!

- I know that you're the main treasure here!

As a result, all workers of Nekrashinsky signed the petition. They warned they returned to work as soon as their claim was satisfied. An employee of OAO Nekrashinsky:

"They made a speedy decision. They did not even think it over. Now you have to appoint him again as fast as you dismissed him!"

Miracles happen in Belarus. The strict decision of district officials cracked. Lakhanski preserved his position. And Belarusians have received a great example that solidarity has influence.