22 July 2019, Monday, 13:42
We are in the same boat

Lukashenka: We Will Hand Out 7 Million Machine Guns, Assault Rifles To Every Adult Belarusian, If War Comes, God Forbid

The dictator said this when he visited the army training firing ground in the Brest region.

New samples of weapons were demonstrated there. According to Radio Liberty, this was also reported in the program News 24 years on the STB TV-channel.

While examining the weaponry innovations, Lukashenka expressed an opinion that all adult citizens of Belarus should know how to use weapons.

''As I once said, no kidding, if we have enough shooting weapons, like assault rifles, pistols, machine guns, and ammunition thereof - then, if the war comes, God forbid, we will arm every family. Everyone will protect our territories (let's take way little kids though). Old men, even women - 7 million people, those 7 million people will receive weapons so they could protect themselves,'' Lukashenka said.

According to STB, a system is to be created in Belarus, where regular and compact army should function as a professional institution in the sphere of defense, alongside with the ''7 million residents of the country, trained and prepared for fighting the enemy.''