18 July 2019, Thursday, 15:04
We are in the same boat

Who Spoiled Lukashenka's Mood Before Meeting With Putin?


Dictator will have to rough it.

While Mahiliou is receiving with open arms Moscow friends at the forum of the regions, waiting for the arrival of the most important Kremlin guest, sad news is coming from the Russian Federation. Russia imposes a ban on the export of petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas to Belarus until the end of 2019. This information has already been confirmed by the Minister of Energy of Russia, Alexander Novak, Salidarnasts writes.

Think of that: we have been painting, opening the victorious arches, starting up the fountains, and that's how it turned out.

It is clear that such a message is unlikely to become sensational for Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The protocol on the ban on supplies, according to Minister Novak, was signed between Russia and Belarus. And the expression on Lukashenka’s face at his last meetings with Vladimir Putin clearly spoke for his awareness regarding this issue.

Here the moment, when the Russian authorities decided to report these agreements, sparks interest. It’s exactly the moment, when the brothers in the union are being met with dances and tambourines in Mahiliou.

On October 12, Vladimir Putin will arrive in Mahiliou. One can only imagine how difficult it will be for Aliaksandr Lukashenka give an imitation of joy over the meeting on his face and find words of appreciation and support, swearing in eternal friendship.

Well, what is he gonna do? He will have to rough it. As far as, as before, there are powerful arguments in his friend's wallet.