23 February 2019, Saturday, 0:35
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Tamara Shchapiotkina: 4 Cases Falsified In Baranavichy Police Department In 2.5 Months


Another protocol has been drawn up against freelance journalist from Biaroza.

At 9 am on October 12, freelance journalist Tamara Shchapiotkina was summoned to the Baranavichy police department to give explanations on another article on Radio Racyja, the human rights center Viasna reports.

But the journalist refused to bear testimony to police officers on the basis of Article 27 of the Constitution, which gives her the right not to testify against herself.

A protocol under Part 2, Art. 22.9 of the Administrative Code (illegal production and (or) distribution of mass media products) for the material “Jubilee Issue Of Zhyrandol Presented In Belaaziorsk” was drawn up against her. This is the most common “journalistic” administrative article, under which freelancers without accreditation are held accountable.

The witnesses in this administrative case were Tamara Kuzniatsova and Valiantsina Yanksvets, head of the library, who even provided pictures taken with the journalist.

Tamara Shchapiotkina comments on the situation:

“This is not the revenge for innocent cultural materials, but for unveiling the fact that about 40 thousand pigs, according to pigwomen, were plundered on the Sukhoye farm, and more than 200 people were left unemployed.

This is the fourth case fabricated by the Baranavichy police department in two and a half months. What is this if not torture?”

Tamara Shchapiotkina plans to appeal against all the court decisions, including in the UN Committee.