25 March 2019, Monday, 3:22
A Challenge for Everyone

Bohdan Yaremenko: Lukashenka Is Moneymaker Trying To Benefit From His Neighbors' Problems


Sooner or later it's going to end.

Belarus has been repeatedly caught on trade connections with the DNR and LNR. The lb.ua journalist Andriy Palyvoda draws attention in his investigation to the growth of exports from Belarus to the Rostov region, which borders with the Donbas, in 2016. The export grew by 20,5% and reached $201 at the background of the decrease in the general goods turnover between Belarus and Russia.

It's quite easy to find goids from Belarus on the counters in the DNR and LNR - alcoholic beverages, confectionery, food products. At the same time, while trading with the terrorists, Lukashenka keeps saying that Belarus ''fully supports Ukraine's territorial integrity''. What do they think about it in Ukraine? Сharter97.org addressed with this question to director of the ''Maidan of Foreign Affairs'' foundation, Chairman of the Kyiv city branch of the Ukrop party Bohdan Yaremenko.

- This does not surprise me at all. Lukashenka has always been a money-maker who tries to benefit from his neighbors' problems. He earns on sanctions imposed by the Western countries on Russia. That is why, given that Lukashenka earns on the problems of his closest ally, which is Russia, his attempts to earn on Ukraine cause no surprise.

This also explains those statements about the threat coming from the side of Ukraine, which Lukashenka became notorious with recently. He is thus trying to distract attention of the international community from the things happening in Belarus. It is obvious that, if Lukashenka has no moral regulations to keep the power, he has none in the trade either.

- You are not surprised with Lukashenka's behavior. However, is it a surprise for you that the Ukrainian authorities remain silent about it?

- There are enough ''morally flexible'' people in the Ukrainian government as well, who prioritize moneymaking over morality. That is why we still have officials and politicians who easily make deals with Belarusian grabbers and Lukashenka - the moneymaker.

However, at the same time, the reaction of the society is becoming clearer and more precise. Ukrainians do realize that the Belarusian authorities, when it comes to all issues related to the war in Ukraine, occupation of the Crimea, take Russia's side. So, sooner or later it is going to end. Unfortunately, we have to state the fact that there are politicians in Ukraine today, who can fake friendship and strategic partnership with Lukashenka.

- What should be an adequate reaction of the official Kyiv to Minsk's trade with terrorists?

- For a start, it is necessary to verify the publication. If it confirms, the reaction should be harsh. A political demarch is needed. I repeat, we are speaking about the state, which doubts the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the UN.

If it turns out that Belarus questions the integrity of Ukraine in its economic activity as well, I think any patriotic and professional government not only should have made a political statement, but impose sanctions on Belarus. We'll see how the situation develops.