25 March 2019, Monday, 3:32
A Challenge for Everyone

Three Members Of BPF Youth Detained In Minsk


They were holding a picket against hazing at the Defense Ministry.

The picket of the BPF Youth near the building of the Ministry of Defense in Minsk lasted a few seconds. The riot policemen immediately approached the activists; three participants were detained: Dzianis Mandzik, BPF Youth former chairman Hanna Pakholka and one more guy, svaboda.org reports.

The first event in the frame of the campaign against hazing “Ticket to the Other World” was held on the banks of the Svislach, not far from the buildings of the Ministry of Defense on October 16.

According to Dzianis Mandzik, BPF Youth head, the “Ticket to the Other World” campaign is aimed at showing people “all the realities of the modern army in Belarus,” as well as proving the benefits of contractual service.

“We are starting this campaign because of the recent increase in violence and killings in the army,” – the press release, published by the activists, says. – Our main goal is to cause a public outcry, attract public attention and let it be talked about not only when a new guy dies. How many more guys must die before people stop being silent?”