26 May 2019, Sunday, 7:35
For our and your freedom!

Leanid Sudalenka: Law On Compensations For "Parasites" Required


Decree No. 1 is completely useless.

Minister of Labor Irina Kastsevich says that "parasite" database is being tested in Belarus. First results of testing are promised in November. What does happen to our personal data being "tested" by unknown people from suspicious "parasite" commissions? Leanid Sudalenka, the legal inspector of labour of the Independent Trade Union of Radio and Electronic Industry (REP), tried to see into the matter together with Charter97.org.

- As far as I understand, word "testing" means that the database is in testing mode. I do not know what officials mean by it. I have a vague notion of reasons for this database and its purpose. What will happen after January 1, 2019? They gave up taxes for the unemployed. Protests made the authorities fall to thinking and abolish an unwise decision.

Now they hint at full cost of housing and communal services for the unemployed. Being a payer, I do not know how many percent I pay for these services.

The most expensive item is energy. If I pay $70-80 for services living in a three-room apartment, the share of energy is $30-40. Yes, gas is very cheap here. It costs only 2-3 dollars. I offer the government to provide calculations. Let's calculate how many "subsidies" you provide.

I think the system can't work in practice. Few unemployed people in the county are owners of apartments. For example, two pensioners have an unemployed son. How will the authorities determine his share? After all, the account is single for the family.

Again, it is being discussed that the unemployed should pay more. Sorry, will the government impose the "parasite" travel card? How should a ticket collector determine whether a person is a "parasite" or not? Should passengers have a working certificate then? It indicates that the state puts the cart before the horse.

- It's still not clear what data is collected, as well as its safety and purpose. The government wants to create the comprehensive database, as it is in China.

For example, there is a social rating of the population. Every person gets credits of loyalty from the state; as a result, people with low rating cannot go abroad or find a good job.

- Of course, things you're talking about are sad. I do hope that practices of China and North Korea will not be caught in our country.

I think that everyone provides the state with enough information when a citizen is issued his passport. The state has had enough information about every citizen.

You remember that once we gave two photos in the passport office. I guess the second photo was used for a personal record. It does not relate to a person's loyalty level, special services just follow-up information about us. The state has practiced it earlier. I am convinced that China's experience will not be catched here. This is not our story.

Last year the state wanted to make profit on "parasites". And what did it result in? People took to the squares of their cities and the decree was promptly revoked. It the authorities go too far again, we will take to the streets. As they say, we can repeat. And we will do it, for sure.

- Why can't ordinary people be members of these commissions and control their work?

- I represent the trade union, but I could not enter this commission.

I think it can be explained with non-transparency of these commissions. It's clear these commissions are completely useless. A person is invited, admonished. That's all. One person may agree with it, another person can say that the Constitution give him the right to work. And he is one to decide whether to work or not.

It's right that they have nothing to offer an unemployed person. We see that the authorities disperse completely useless organizations. Our money is spent for it!

They should only create new jobs so that a person could work and earn a decent salary.

The salary which meets his education and qualification. So that the person with higher education could not work as a road sweeperбиусфгыу it is well-paid. There are lots of examples when engineers work at unskilled work because the salary is higher there. It's nonsense. No other country in the world has such a practice. The salary of a skilled employee is better paid there.

These commissions will work idle hours. Do they like to deal with asocial people? Let them do it then. A normal person does not need these services.

- Do you think this is discrimination to be unemployed?

- Yes, it is. This is discrimination. I have already mentioned that the Constitution provides the right to work. If a person is persecuted for his position - employed or unemployed - I am ready to work with these people and prove that the government has no right to divide people on this basis.

Sometimes the unemployed pay even more taxes, indirect though they are, than the employed. Every our purchase: goods, services, fuel, even underground travel ticket involve VAT and excises we pay for.

The authorities practice double standards: if you do not work - you don't pay taxes. But last year it was proved in court that an unemployed citizen paid taxes.

I will give an example. A woman from Loev working hard for 8 hours a day and earns $100 pays small taxes, and a businessman who is temporarily unemployed, but he buys goods and services. Who does pay more taxes? The state does not care about the woman, she is parted with her child being not able to set hot water supply in her house; the businessman is called a "parasite". These are double standards.

- Do you think current "parasites" may ask for compensation in free Belarus?

- I think if Belarus becomes democratic, people will have chance for various types of compensations.

After all, Stalin repressions were recognized even not by the most democratic USSR. I guess deputies of free Belarus can recognize victims of the dictatorial regime, people who were discriminated during the reign of the dictator.

It's quite possible that such a law may be adopted by the democratic government. Moreover, I believe this law is required so that people who fell victims to the contract system, including me, could get a compensation.

I often say that I suffer "unwilling ansence". I neither resigned not committed any damaging actions, but I lost my job. It happened because of the contract system - temporary employment.