16 July 2019, Tuesday, 0:14
We are in the same boat

Brest Activist: I Am Happy My Son Didn’t Go To Serve In Police


The pensioner spoke about the protests against the battery plant.

Pensioner Liudmila Karcheuskaya was among those fined for participating in the Sunday protest against the construction of a battery plant in Brest, reports Radio Racyja.

She participates in almost all the “feeding pigeons” actions in the Lenin Square, as she is concerned for the health of her children and grandchildren.

The pensioner herself recalls her detention: “I want to say that my son once planned to go to serve in the police. And now I am happy that this did not happen. After all, if this happened, I don’t know if I could handle it. ”

Liudmila Karcheuskaya was detained on the way to the police department, where some protesters went in solidarity with those detained on Sunday in the Lenin Square.

The opponents of the construction of the plant say that the order to detain the pensioner was personally given by the head of the public security police and deputy head of the Leninski district police department Mikalai Samasiuk.

The pensioner was nevertheless released from the police department, but with a subpoena to the court, where she was fined for 5 base fees for "participating in an unauthorized mass event."