19 July 2019, Friday, 5:41
We are in the same boat

Activist Broke Through To Slutsk District Executive Committee Chairman


Zinaida Tsimoshak is fighting against the demolition of an old building in Slutsk.

Slutsk resident Zinaida Tsimoshak tried to reach out to the city authorities to stop the demolition of an old building behind the central post office. She told Kur'er about what she had managed to talk to the head of the executive branch.

Zinaida Tsimoshak had namely to break her way through. This morning, on October 18, a group of a dozen caring people came to the building, which is to be demolished. They unsuccessfully talked to Andrei Drabenia, director of the Slutsk regional telecommunications center (on the balance of which the building is). Three activists left messages in the book of comments and suggestions.

And they went to the district executive committee, which is located across the road.

In the receiving office of the Slutsk district executive committee chairman, they were informed that Andrei Yancheuski was not having a reception day. The answer to their statement that the question was urgent was a recommendation to contact him on the reception day.

After some officials left the chairman’s office, Zinaida Tsimoshak tried to go in, but the secretary closed the door and asked the Slutsk resident to keep order. In the opposite case, the secretary said, she would be forced to press the alarm button. Zinaida Tsimoshak waited for a few more minutes, expecting that the chairman would allow the meeting. But when the secretary explained that he would not receive her, the activist directed steps to the door and entered the office. The secretary could put up nothing against Zinaida Tsimoshak’s determination. She only called the guard post (on the ground floor) and asked the police officer to come upstairs. “Urgently,” – she asked by phone.

But while the policewoman was coming up, Zinaida Tsimoshak had time to talk to Andrei Yancheuski:

“He told me that I was behaving like a hooligan because I didn’t come on a reception day, but came on a usual day.

I said that they were demolishing an old house. And we could not wait for the reception day, otherwise there would be nothing to talk about. And there would be no need to come to him.

I told him – we are not asking you anything. We are only asking you to bring in our message so that you got involved and stopped the destruction of a historical house of the city of Slutsk. For Slutsk, now any house that is about a hundred years old is history.

Therefore, it is important to save it.

He said – if it’s necessary save, then we’ll save. If it’s necessary to stop, then we’ll stop.

I said – this is just what we want. Nothing else, and you did not even want to receive us.

And since they promised me that if I continue to stay there, they would probably call the police, I just left the office,” – the Slutsk resident reported.