9 December 2019, Monday, 18:48
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Thomas More With His ‘Utopia’ Pales Before This

Thomas More With His ‘Utopia’ Pales Before This

Lukashenka himself does not know where we have come to.

Head of the analytical center “Strategy” Leanid Zaika said this to primus.by, commenting on the words of Lukashenka, who said that the government should engage in “spade work”:

- Here they go, flip-flopping with papers, and then the bullshit started happening everywhere around. The weather got rainy, they harvested little potatoes, and even twofold less grains. n, potatoes were collected a little, and grains were generally two times smaller. Why does Lukashenka need the government? They should run errands for him. Let's say, once to go to the fish complex, and hold some little fish. Then go and see some bridge. This is the level of our government.

Have you seen these projects? I, as a naive person, used to read them. In the 90s they came up with a development program and brought it to Lukashenka. But you know what kind of person he is. He does not need any program. He is his own program.

And the programs were there, my God. Thousand dollars salary, GDP doubled, to achieve the conquest of near-Earth territories. Thomas More with his "Utopia" pales before this. The poor, downtrodden monk, he didn’t even have a computer, and we had printouts. The budget is worth it.

Have you seen these state projects? When you read it, reach the 20th page, the 30th page, you know, there comes a feeling that a pregnant woman is experiencing. The nausea.

Well, they nade Siarhei Rumas a Prime Minister. What has changed? You know, I would replace the officials from the Ministry of Finance with robots to say: “Hello”, and the second phrase: “No money, hold on.”

What is the Prime Minister for Lukashenka, if he wanted, he would change them every week, there would be 50 prime ministers, only on New Year's holidays he would not change them to stay away from fuss. There would be a rotation. The chairman of the district executive committee becomes the prime minister and vice versa. And no one would have remembered. Here it is fundamental, we have been talking and talking for twenty-five years, and here we seem to discuss manure again.

I observe “Andropism” in Lukashenka’s words. Andropov said certain words after which social scientists quieted down and feared. He was not yet in power then, only came to it. Then he said: "We do not know the society that we built." And people defended PhD thesis, PhD candidacy minumum, got heart attacks, strokes, reprinted, published books. Every phrase was verified: under socialism, a commodity ceases to be a commodity. And Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov said that we ourselves do not know the society that we built. The same is with Lukashenka. He does not know from which society and where we have come to. The mob rule, or whatever it is.

You know, Lenin also wrote that small commodity production gives rise to capitalism. I advise “the surrounders” and Lukashenka himself, maybe even write on his website: let's go along Lenin’s path. Especially when there was the New Economic Policy, the gold ruble and Yesenin said that in Paris and Berlin, Soviet rubles are more readily accepted than German marks.