19 February 2019, Tuesday, 17:03
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Mothers 328 Movement Activist: There’s Total Mess In Country


Maryna Matsulevich will go on a hunger strike on October 14.

Mothers 328 movement activist Maryna Matsulevich wrote that on Facebook:

“On Mother's day, October 14, I will hold a one-day hunger strike in support of the Constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus, which some officials who falsify cases or make illegal rulings are trying so hard to destroy.

Anyone who is on guard of the law must first of all observe it, otherwise this is total mess in the country.

And convicts’ mothers starve anyway, they have to carry heavy bags, because 30 kg is necessary to bring to the colony at a time, in order to bring the best to the son or daughter in the concentration camp, to show them all mothers’ love to their children.

Concentration camps in the center of Europe, this is what we have today in our country.

When the police approached me at Valadarka, I said that I wanted to visit each concentration camp personally, so that they would cease to be concentration camps, but would become correctional facilities, as in Holland. The policeman asked me where I would take so much money.

To which I replied that I would reduce the number of officials, the police, and release the majority of prisoners convicted illegally. And for the rest we would create human conditions.

Who will show solidarity on this day and join the hunger strike, please write. It is important to know that you are not alone.