23 February 2019, Saturday, 12:51
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Ihar Varashkevich: We Will Perform Songs That No One Has Heard At Concert On November 17


Krama will present the single “Skywards” in Minsk.

Krama leader Ihar Varashkevich has told Charter97.org about this:

– On November 17, the presentation of the single under the title “Skywards” will take place in Minsk. “Skywards” is a song written on the verses by Mikhail Anempadystau in 1986, it was also performed by the Bonda group, where I was the vocalist.

In addition to the song “Skywards,” the single will also include the third part of the story about “Stefka,” which is called “Stefka In 30 Years” and a completely new song that no one has heard, called “Not Your War.”

I want to say that we recorded the single in Bialystok in the Rembrandt studio, and not in Belarus. The mastering was done by a very famous Polish specialist, Marek Kubik. We can say that the record is half “live.” I really hope that people will appreciate the quality of the single.

I will share that we are planning to shoot a video for the third “Stefka” in Kiev, but this is not yet certain. We can say that we have decided to raise our level by working abroad.

In general, I invite everyone to the concert! It will be fun as always. In addition to the new songs, there will be well-known songs that everyone can sing with us.

November 17, Minsk, Coyote Bar, 117a Independence Avenue, at 19 or 20.00. The exact time will be known a little later.