19 September 2019, Thursday, 18:46
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Co-Owner Of Trendy Restaurants Network Detained In Minsk

Co-Owner Of Trendy Restaurants Network Detained In Minsk

32-year-old businessman accused of possession of drugs.

Vlad Brishtel, the co-owner of two trendy Minsk establishments, the Stirlitz bar and the Tishe Myshi restaurant bar, was detained by the law enforcement officers on suspicion of drug trafficking, tut.by reports.

The 32-year-old businessman is accused of having illegally stored about 4.8 g of a highly dangerous psychotropic drug, mephedrone, for sale.

The businessman’s friends say that Brishtel could have been driven to such earnings by low restaurant profits. “They say he himself showed more than 20 caches he had made. Probably, he needed money - the child from his first marriage was ill, and now Vlad was going to propose to his girlfriend ...,” suggested his acquaintance.

The Investigatory Committee could not promptly comment on the information about the arrest.

Brishtel has a prior conviction. In an interview with Citydog, he told how he received the minimum term more than ten years ago under the article “hooliganism with the use of weapons” (Article 339, Part 3 of the Criminal Code). In 2013, the businessman participated in the project “Bachelors” on lady.tut.by.

Mephedrone belongs to amphetamines, its sales began in the United States about eight years ago as “bath salts”.