20 April 2019, Saturday, 22:16
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“Where Our Money Is”: Riot Broke Out At Vaukavysk Enterprise


Employees of FSMsteel LLC demand to pay wage arrears.

FSMsteel LLC has not paid September wages for more than two weeks, employees of the company reported to Charter97.org.

The last time workers got paid on October 2, when they got the salary for August. The enterprise leadership explains that they do not receive money from another organization to which the plant sold its parts.

“Previously, there were also delays in the payment of salaries, but small, no more that 3-4 days. Workers begin to revolt, stop working. The management comes and asks to wait, promise to pay in the near future. Some people believe them and stand behind the machines again, some workers are already looking for another job,” – an informant familiar with the situation at the plant told Charter97.org.

Nowadays, the Vaukavysk enterprise FSMsteel LLC has functioning production lines of connectors for radiators and compact valves, as well as it does the reconstruction and development of production facilities transferred from the Vaukavysk plant KSOM.