23 March 2019, Saturday, 18:29
A Challenge for Everyone

Slap On Monument Starts Flash Mob In Belarus


Facebook users recall the “insults” they caused to monuments.

Belarusians reacted to the Minsk police's scandalous video that shows a teenager who was forced to apologize for the slap on the face of the monument to a Tsarist-era policeman Charter97.org reports.

Facebook users started a flash mob to ridicule the absurdity of police actions.

Barys Anikeyeu, a public activist from Homel, wrote:

“Lenin, forgive me, I will no longer glue any… on your monument.”

Historian Dzmitser Drozd recalled an “incident” with the monument to Dunin-Martinkevich:

“Perhaps, I put my hand on Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich in a too chummy manner. Forgive me, the monument. ”