26 May 2019, Sunday, 7:30
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Priest Viachaslau Barok: Christian Has Nothing In Common With Atheistic Views Of Belarusian Republican Youth Union


It’s impossible to build a good building on rotten foundations.

The official Internet portal of the Catholic Church in Belarus has published the answer of the priest to the question “Can a Christian join the Belarusian Republican Youth Union?” Priest Andrei Radzevich draws attention to the fact that the statute of this pro-governmental organization says that the Belarusian Republican Youth Union is the heir of the Leninist Communist Youth League – the Komsomol, built on anti-religious principles. Moreover, each member of the Komsomol, as is known, is obliged to resolutely fight with religious prejudices among other things. Accordingly, a believer should not join such an organization, the priest says.

The priest Viachaslau Barok believes that having shared Radzevich’s opinion, the Catholic Church thus entrenches this statement, Belsat reports.

“The priest did not say anything bad. He succinctly and wisely explained the teachings of the Catholic Church ... But the truth is that we are trying to build our future on these rotten foundations, incomprehensible foundations. Nothing good will come out of it. If you are a Catholic and a Christian, your views cannot coincide with the godless views of the BRYU.”