20 April 2019, Saturday, 22:14
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Another Scandalous Video With Conversation About Belarusian Republican Youth Union


A Belarusian student has decided to withdraw from the organization.

Another scandalous video of the conversation about the Belarusian Republican Youth Union has been posted on the Internet. The past scandalous video with driving schoolchildren there got a million views.

Radio Svaboda has found the student with the audio recording, she asked not to mention her name because she is afraid of possible problems at the university. The editorial office has the girl’s contact number.

The student went with her claim to the deputy dean, but he sent her to higher authorities.

“The deputy dean, having looked at the claim, said that it did not fall within his province, and I should address the dean.”

When asked by the journalists, whether anybody had turned to him with a statement about leaving the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, deputy dean Andrei Buyeu replied that “he knows nothing about it.”

The dean of the faculty, Uladzimir Berazouski, told the girl on November 15 that he needed time to think it over, and offered to talk “not in such an atmosphere” on Monday or Tuesday.

At the time of publication, the journalists had failed to talk to him.

Radio Svaboda has published the audio recording of the conversation and text transcript:

– And what is the course year?

– Fourth.

– The fourth course year? Do not disgrace me.

– What do you mean?

– You graduate in peace, and after that...

– Well, I cannot stay its member now.

– What happened?

– For personal reasons.

– What?

– For personal reasons.

– Say it again.

– For personal reasons.

– Well, can you tell me? I can't make a decision without it.

– Why? I have written: on my own volition, for personal reasons.

– Well, can you shed some light? Not? Let it lie.

– Well, I can. I am a believer.

– Pardon?

– I'm a believer.

– You are welcome. There's no problem.

– It’s a problem in my case.

– Are you sure about that?

– I'm sure. For me it is really very important.

– I see, I need to talk to you in a different atmosphere. Let's move it to another term.

– What does it mean – to another term?

– Tomorrow I have classes till seven o’clock, come on Monday-Tuesday.

– So why not now?

– I have to think.

– Do you really have to think?

– Yes! Do you know how long a statement is being considered, or not?

– No, I don’t.

– Well, your faith was not a problem when you entered it?

– At that time, no. But it is now.

– Well, I have to think it over. The consideration of a statement usually takes 15 days.

– That’s okay. When should I come back?

– Come on Monday.