20 September 2019, Friday, 18:06
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Shunevich On Labor Camps: It Was ‘Successful’ Experiment

Shunevich On Labor Camps: It Was ‘Successful’ Experiment

The Interior Minister wants to “expand the experience”.

The experiment on “socialization of inmates” at the agricultural enterprise “Khutar-Agro” in the Svetlahorsk district can be considered a success, Minister of the Interior of Belarus Ihar Shunevich thinks, nn.by writes.

In 2017, the agro-complex was transferred under the aegis of the Department of Corrections of the Interior Ministry. In the Minister’s opinion, the experiment with the new detachment was successful. First, since the very beginning the idea was “very well-calculated by an economist”. Secondly, the meaning and the place of this enterprise in the system of the Interior Ministry is justified by the need for agricultural products by both the internal troops, and the Department of Corrections.

“I think sooner or later we will expand this experiment. It’s too early to say when and where, we need several more seasons to set up a certain rhythm and to realize the need of the institution for such enterprises,” the Minister clarified.