23 July 2019, Tuesday, 19:36
We are in the same boat

All Hail Era Of Frightened Lukashenka!


The authorities understand that the situation may change in most unexpected ways.

The story with the Padlabenne music school teacher has got a happy end. She has been returned to work and it looks as if no one had dismissed her.

Oh, how they hate all “these Internets”! It was quite another thing before. One could dismiss and forget. At best, a newspaper with circulation of a couple of thousand would put it in black and white. Would sound it off. So what? That is the enemy's voice! Who would listen to it?

And now?

And now there are social networks, discussions, forums, portals… A wave of discontent is rising at every trifle. It might go away. After a couple of hours, a photo of some adorable cat appears. The public is leaving, the swamp is calming down and returning to its usual state.

Well, but what if not? If they turn around and do not calm down?

You know who would get scared.

The power, which is sensitive to threats, has learned well that our situation, for all its monumental stability, may change in most unexpected ways. And just because of some kind of social trifle.

All sorts of regimes have stumbled on it.

For example, there was a president in Tunisia (whose name nobody now even remembers abroad) who had been ruling for 24 years already. He had everything cut and dried. There was no opposition, the media were under his heel... But when an anonymous, moreover, illegal merchant got offended and burned himself publicly, it all started...

Or, students were beaten in Ukraine, and here you are – Maidan.

The thing is that traders had been offended in Tunisia before, and students had been beaten in Ukraine... But this time, for some reason, it didn’t work.

And this fear – what if it suddenly does not work – is pressing on the power now.

It has become shy and may back up at the sign of popular Internet resentment. They say, the king is merciful, he stands up for the humiliated and offended.

All hail the era of “frightened Lukashenka”!

Andrzej Poczobut, Facebook