25 May 2019, Saturday, 5:24
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Raman Kisliak: Protest Moods Gain Traction In Regions


The gap that appeared between the rich and the poor is very strong in Belarus.

According to the data released by the National Statistical Committee, wages in the country increased by 7.3%. Why is this data just a manipulation of numbers and the Belarusian salaries will not reach the desired $ 500 in the near future? Economist Leu Marholin and human rights activist Raman Kisliak were looking for an answer to these questions, Belsat writes.

Optimistic statistics should add faith in tomorrow, but economist Leu Marholin states: there is no reason for joy.

“There are some tricks in statistics that allow you to make up a beautiful picture. First, it is a part-time job. If a company employs 100 people part-time who receive 300 rubles each, then in statistics it will be 50 people who work full-time and receive 600 rubles each,” – the expert explains.

Human rights activist Raman Kisliak notes that the gap that has appeared between the rich and the poor is felt very strongly in Brest, so the protest moods are gaining traction in the regions.