19 November 2019, Tuesday, 19:44
Second Day

How Many Times Cost Of Housing And Communal Services Is To Increase For “Parasites”

How Many Times Cost Of Housing And Communal Services Is To Increase For “Parasites”

From January 1, Belarusians will be receiving new slips.

Babruisk residents have started to receive letters from the executive committee with a proposal to confirm their employment. Otherwise, they will have to pay in full for the hot water, Babruisk Courier writes.

The sender of the letters is the city commission for the coordination of work to promote employment of the population in Babruisk. This commission has been working in the city executive committee since May of this year.

The notifications state that lists of working and non-working citizens are being formed. It is emphasized that “the commission does not have information about your employment in the economy.”

As the commission secretary has explained, this means that the letters are sent to those who are not in the executive committee’s base. Such citizens have to confirm that they work, otherwise they will be registered as the “parasites.” The commissions themselves will not find out if the person works or not. The first lists of “parasites” should be formed by December 1 of this year. Then they will be updated once a quarter.

In the letter, the commission warns that from January 1, 2019, “the able-bodied citizens who are not employed in the economy will pay for hot water services at prices (tariffs) that provide full recovery of economically-based costs.”

From October 1 of next year, non-working people will also pay in full for heating and gas if they have individual gas heaters.

Today, the subsidized tariff for water and heating is 16.9 rubles per 1 Gcal. The full tariff is 81.4 rubles per 1 Gcal. That is, it turns out that the cost of hot water and heating will increase by almost five times.

The secretary of the commission also explained that only those “parasites” who actually pay for the communal and utility services, thus, are homeowners, will have to pay the full sum. If a non-working citizen lives in the same apartment with a working homeowner, the innovation of the Decree “on parasites” will not affect them. If the owner doesn’t work and doesn’t fall under any exception either, but their family members work, the utility bills will be equally divided between all citizens, domiciled in this apartment.

Important to note, Belarusians working abroad automatically get listed as “parasites”. The lists will be compiled by the special commissions, which work with the personal data of Belarusians.

It was repeatedly stated that “parasites” will also pay for other services, subsidized by the state, and the “Belarusians not employed in the economy” were threatened with the labor and detox centers.

Important to note, the previous version of the “decree on parasites” caused mass protests, which experts believe to be the most massive in Belarus since the perestroyka times.