26 May 2019, Sunday, 7:34
For our and your freedom!

People Need Real Alternative To Regime


What we should do to save the country.

Usually, even fancy “opposition” and “parliament” make sense in non-free countries.

Personalistic dictatorships fall suddenly and dramatically. Then all the previously imitative bodies and institutions suddenly acquire the value of real ones.

But Belarus is in a different geopolitical situation. We are under tremendous influence from the East. Besides, common people see the situation as follows – a clown in power hated by the majority, obedient clowns in the “opposition,” clowns from the West with their fancy dialogue with the criminal. And, “a real man” is only in the Kremlin. At this juncture, this “man” satisfies the colossal demand of our society for an alternative; becomes the main hope for changes for most people.

People extend their attitude towards politicians to their ideas. Degradation of the registered opposition affects people’s attitude towards its programs. When was it possible, so that 65% were for “integration” with the Russian Federation? And it is on the eve of a social explosion. We will lose the country this way.

The BNC and Narodnaya Hramada seek to show themselves as a real alternative to the regime. As there are no real elections, we take to the streets and fight for the rights of people. So that they see that the patriots are ready to make sacrifices for the people.

If the patriotic forces do not become a real and effective alternative to the government in the mass consciousness, do not win people’s confidence, then Belarus will have one way – joining the Russian Federation without an alternative.

Let’s take courage to protect the rights of people and to save Belarus.

Mikalai Statkevich, Facebook