25 June 2019, Tuesday, 23:49
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About 100 Opponents Of Battery Plant Construction Near Brest Take On To Square


Meetings of opponents of the construction of the plant are held in the Lenin Square every Sunday, starting from February 25.

On November 18, the opponents of the construction of a battery plant gathered in the Lenin Square in Brest.

At 12:45, there were about a hundred people in the square, including activists of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). People stood in groups, discussed the latest news related to the construction of the enterprise, reports Radio Racyja with a reference to BelaPAN.

As the participants of today's meeting reported, on November 17, resident of Brest Dziamyan Lepiasevich called the direct line held by First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Iya Malkina. He asked the official a number of questions related to the environmental component of the construction of the plant near Brest.

Malkina reported that a revised state-of-the-art environmental impact assessment project had been submitted to the environmental protection agency.

Now activists are preparing a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources, in which once again draw the Ministry’s attention to the violations found in the previous project, which nevertheless received a positive opinion of the environmental impact assessment. Now the developer has filed amended project documentation for examination.

Also today, the meeting participants discussed another refusal of the authorities to meet with the opponents of the construction of the plant.

On November 5, the eighth appeal was addressed to chairman of the Brest regional executive eommittee Anatol Lis. It contained a request to arrange a meeting of the residents of the region with specialists of the sanitary and environmental services, officials of the state services and representatives of the plant, so that they could answer the questions of citizens about the construction and future production activities of the enterprise. The appeal was signed by more than a hundred residents of Brest and the Brest region.

A negative response was received from the regional executive committee signed by deputy chairman of the regional executive committee Andrei Klets.

The meetings of the opponents of the construction of the plant are held in the Lenin Square every Sunday, starting from February 25.