25 March 2019, Monday, 3:26
A Challenge for Everyone

Jubilee Dancings

Iryna Khalip

Will we be woken up with the BSSR’s anthem on January 1?

Now I understand why top managers of the Russian Orthodox Church headed by Gundyaev arrived here, and why they held a synod here. It's not about the Ukrainian autocephaly, but in the jubilee drunken binge held for the second year in a row. Attendance is obligatory.

How many free loaders are there in the world who drink and ear with pleasure knowing that the best time to come is when party makers cannot recognize you, but table are still served well? There are lots of them. So dignitaries took advantage of the situation. It was silly if they did not: the country holds rough celebrations, money and vodka flow like water; every guest gets drunk and has gifts in the end. I assure you that a place in a Tambov amicable delegation heading to Belarus is a cherry on a cake. It's a good place.

It all started with an alleged centenary of the MIA last year: there were the parade of retro vehicles, blocked avenue, festive unveiling of the monument of the city officer with a tragic fate (his hat was split at and boots were pissed when he served), especially produced movie, medals and postcards, naming of squads of young policemen after passed-away MIA officers, conferences, banquets, 16 delegations, concerts. Why not? After all, we pay for their fun.

The jubilee virus caused a real plague. In December the country was shaken with the KGB jubilee party of the same scale. This summer the celebrated the jubilee of the Ministry of Defense - parades, shooting into the air, banquets. The military liked it and decided to repeat it in a month; however, there were no parades. They celebrated the centenary of recruiting stations. One month later they held the centenary of the navigation and survey service. And you say that the military have no imagination. No way, they are brilliant amusements organizers.

Now the entire country uses ear plugs to calm down Komsomol songs. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection have preparations. Six month ago I already saw how newly laid tiles were replaced with new ones, because of the whim of the current minister. Well, now it looks even better. First, there is a long ramp to the parking lot at an angle of around 45°. Every wheelchair person will feel like Schumacher. And there is no chance to go up.

All stairs are now closed inside the building. One should wait long for an elevator to arrive. Now stairs are being covered with tiles. It turns out that in January on the centenary of the Ministry many guests and delegations arrive, and let they see how luxurous it looks. As luxurous as in the Ministry of Finance. Yes, all these jubilee dancings mean not only blocked avenues and students forced to come because of threats to be expelled. It also means budget money flowing like milk and honey.

However, there's no reason to waste time on trifles - January 1 people are to be waken up with the BSSR anthem - the jubilee. Believe me, it will be celebrated in style, and it will cause envy of the Army, the KGB, and the police. As many structures were established after creation of the BSSR, this party will never end. Jubilees will continue, delegations will arrive, gifts will be handed out, and the budget money will be wrangled.

And these participants will not mention one thing - they do not live in Belarus. They still live in the BSSR celebrating its holidays. They have failed to make it to the modern time. We live in completely different states divided by time and space. This space-time gap cannot be overwhelmed. I guess it's true about us as well.

But still I wish there was a fence between us. And observation towers. No checkpoints; this border will be closed forever.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org