21 May 2019, Tuesday, 19:23
For our and your freedom!

Zaika: If ‘Green Men’ Ever Appear In Belarus, We Have Many Forests Left


Belarus remains a partisan, freedom-loving and independent country.

Head of the “Strategy” analytical center Leanid Zaika discussed Russia’s readiness to build the State Plan economy basing on the example of Belarus, and the threats it may bring to our country, in the show at “Primus”:

- I want to recommend the guerilla way of thinking to Belarusians. Belarus is now in the state of initial occupation. We have two options. Either we stay fools and look up to those whom they send us from Moscow. Or we pursue a quite understandable, nationally oriented economic policy, participating in the Russian projects which could bring us good.

And if the green men ever appear, well, we have many forests left. These green men will never storm into the woods, although they are heroes. Because these heros can do nothing but coming to some English city like Salisbury and smear their hands – this is the entire range of their heroic actions. As for Belarus, it remains a partisan, freedom-loving and independent country. They have nothing to do here.