6 August 2020, Thursday, 10:51
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Vasil Shlyndzikau: Way to Bypass Absurd Lukashenka's Decree to Be Found

Vasil Shlyndzikau: Way to Bypass Absurd Lukashenka's Decree to Be Found

The decree on "parasites" will be economically useless.

The database of the "not involved in the economy" is created until December 1; since January 1 "parasites" will receive new 100% rent bills. At that, Belarusians working or studying abroad are enlisted as parasites automatically.

Charter97.org asked former head of Amkodor, economist and reformer, Vasil Shlyndzikau for comments:

- I doubt that Lukashenka's decree can bring any result. Economic laws have much more strength than his whims. What should people do, if there is no work in the country and they have to go abroad to earn money? Decrees cannot mend it, though I doubt that at least one aimed at it.

The authorities believe that as soon as 100% rent bills are introduced, the unemployed will rush to look for a job, especially in Belarus. Well, let them try. I guess it will bear the opposite result - people will look for ways to bypass the decree.

In addition, we all are about to have to pay for utility charges in full. I guess that the decree will likely be useless.

- Nationwide campaign is being carried out. According to the plan, "parasite" lists might be ready until December 1. How would you comment on the very fact of such lists?

- No doubt that they violate rights to personal data safety. But who will pay attention to such "trifles"?

This idea is failing from the moral point of view. Lukashenka wants to replenish the budget at the expense of unfortunate people.

Let's imagine that commissions make up lists of "parasites" in villages and district centers until December 1. What is the use of a village drunkard? No use. Where will he work, if there is no work at all?

The regime needs replacement, as well as the economic system, so that people could earn as it happens now in Poland and the Baltic States. It's hard to imagine Poland with a politician who promotes such laws and decrees about the unemployed.

Just imagine the same unemployment benefit as one in Poland paid here in Belarus - it would be enough to live on it during a month. It's much more than our authorities withdraw using the "parasite" decree. They can't think this way; it's too hard for them.

Absence of efficient economy makes them come up with decrees on "parasites".

- Can the decree have any other purpose?

- It's hard to say what Lukashenka was thinking about when signing the decree. It reminds of the Soviet law on apples. Those who had apple trees in their yard had to pay the tax. Do you know the result of it? I remember my childhood: all apple trees were cut down. Believe me, there will be something of this kind now.

Lukashenka's decree revives the USSR law on apples. At that, the Belarusian authorities say there are no Belarusian apple in shops. After all, this is a natural result of, so to say, efforts of many years. One day the decree on "parasites" will bring the same result.

It can be criticized, but there is only one conclusion: normal economy is required, otherwise, no tricks will help.

- Belarusians working abroad have to provide their personal data and the copy of the labour agreement. What if someone asked workers of Amkodor do this?

- It's the violation of law. I guess no director will accept this.

We should not do it anyway. Have our authorities listened to anybody? Lukashenka has followed the path of so-called "development of the kolkhoz". And this kolkhoz is persistently "developed" by decrees, regulations, and so on.

I wish Lukashenka's model of Belarus "prosperity" at the expense of "parasites". And Belarus will surely bloom, when people are deprived of everything. Believe me.