20 July 2019, Saturday, 9:12
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Mahiliou: Circus Left Town, Lanterns Fell Down

A street lamp, placed in front of the Forum of Regions, dangerously tilted on Lenin Boulevard in Mahiliou.

In the very center of Mahiliou, on Lenin Boulevard, a street lamp, which was placed there quite recently, on the eve of the Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia, held this year in Mahiliou, tilted strongly, mogilev.online reports.

A photograph from the scene appeared in the Mahiliou Real public page.

The comments joke: “They are digging them out) they are needed somewhere else.” “The circus has left the town, the lanterns fell down.”

“Screwups” in hastily constructed facilities are not uncommon for Belarus. Here you can recall the cascade staircase with a fountain in Mahiliou Padnikolle, built before the Forum of Regions, which leak right after the opening. Previously, it had happened regularly to the objects built for the annual pompous Republican Dazhynki – before the celebration of those Dazhynki was stopped.