10 July 2020, Friday, 18:28
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Photofact: Stickers “Basta!” Appeared Throughout Minsk

Photofact: Stickers “Basta!” Appeared Throughout Minsk

Residents of all the districts could see the protest slogan.

The slogan “Basta!”, well-known to the citizens of Minsk, appeared in all districts of the city. And that means that very soon it will be echoing in the central streets of the capital, the Basta telegram channel reports.

“The slogan “Basta!”, under which we achieved the abolition of the“ parasite ”decree last year, is relevant again. Belarusians again receive “chain letters” from special commissions established under city and district administrations, thousands of residents of the western regions lose their last earnings because of the ban on transporting goods across the border, the salary is delayed, the police go crazy protecting the bronze idol. It’s time to take to the streets again and say loudly “Basta!” to the high-handed authorities,” – one of the activists who participated in distributing leaflets said.