24 May 2019, Friday, 13:45
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Henadz Fiadynich Replaced By Zinaida Mikhniuk As REP Leader


The corresponding decision has been taken at the expanded session of the REP Council.

It was a forced measure as the court resolution bans Henadz Fiadynich from occupying leadership positions for the term of 5 years, Radio Liberty reports.

The REP activists have resolved today that Zinaida Mikhniuk will perform the duties of the trade union Chairperson.

Who is Zinaida Mikhniuk?

She headed the regional branch of the REP trade union in the Brest region, at the same time being Henadz Fiadynich's deputy. Zinaida Mikhniuk repeatedly organized trade union's actions in the region, they were aimed at support of the labor people's rights and decent wages. She was fined for various sums, taken off a train at the Belarusian border, and went through many other punishments by the authorities. As she says, ''If there was the same solidarity in the country as in the independent trade unions, it would have been possible to move mountains. If the people were not so intimidated by the contract system, and joined independent trade unions, which really protect the citizens' rights, the feeling of solidarity could have appeared much earlier. All we need is to stop fearing.''

Fiadynich: ''I had no other option''

The now ex-Chairman of the REP Henadz Fiadynich said he had no other option but to quit his post:

''If I had remained a leader, the authorities could have applied sanctions to the whole REP trade union. We will not give them such an opportunity.''