25 May 2019, Saturday, 11:08
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How ‘Social Parasites’ Will Be Notified They Got Into Database


This was told by Minister Kastsevich.

The access to the database of citizens not engaged in the economy, which is now being corrected and should be open by December 1, will be available to every resident of Belarus. This was reported by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Iryna Kastsevich at a seminar in Vitsebsk. Belarusians will be able to get access to the database of those not engaged in the economy on the Single Electronic Services Portal, Vitsebsk News reports.

It is reported that the login and password for access to the portal will be issued in the "one window" service. This service, according to tut.by, will be provided free of charge.

In the Single portal of electronic services they reported that they do not yet have information whether Belarusians can find out through “One Window” whether people not employed in the economy got into the database. At the same time, they reminded that a new e-service was introduced for legal entities in Belarus - to transmit data on the population employed in the economy online. This information will be used to form the base of the population not employed in the economy, which the Ministry of Labor should create by December 1 of this year. The new e-service is free, it can be used by both government agencies and other organizations that must submit data on people employed in the economy.

The “One Window” software complex was developed and presented in 2010. It was implemented in 79 districts of the republic, now there are 2,341 operators in the system.

It is also reported that now the option of informing the Belarusians that they have been entered into the base of the population not employed in the economy and will pay for housing and communal services at a 100 percent tariff, via utility bills, is being considered.

The authorities started sending "letters of happiness" to Belarusians: potential parasites are asked to confirm employment.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities did not intend to send letters with notifications to those who got into the database.

- For these purposes, software is being developed that excludes the public placement of personal data. This will allow anyone who wants to check whether they are among those not employed in the economy or not. We carefully consider the issues of protecting the confidentiality of information so that only a citizen can get access to it. We do not plan to send letters with the notification. The state enterprise “Minsk City Housing” will post reference information on the full cost of housing and utility services in the utility bills,”said Zhanna Ramanovich, Chairperson of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk city executive committee.

Important to note, Belarusians working abroad automatically get listed as “parasites”. The lists will be compiled by the special commissions, which work with the personal data of Belarusians.

It was repeatedly stated that “parasites” will also pay for other services, subsidized by the state, and the “Belarusians not employed in the economy” were threatened with the labor and detox centers.

The previous version of the “decree on parasites” caused mass protests, which experts believe to be the most massive in Belarus since the perestroyka times.