23 May 2019, Thursday, 11:19
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Belarus Introduces New Electricity Tariff


A single tariff for the population is planned to be introduced in Belarus in 2019.

Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Kukharev said that now the building complex will be aimed at maximizing the use of electrical energy in residential buildings, BelTA informs.

“After the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, we will have enough domestic electricity. We see that we can provide cheap electricity in any amount for the population, ”he explained.

It is planned that the affordable cost of electricity will be the main incentive for its maximum use.

“We work with the Ministry of Energy on electricity tariffs, which will compete with heating tariffs. In the near future we will come to the tariffs that will be reduced for houses with electric heating. In addition, the construction of such houses will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of funds required for the construction of infrastructure, ”added the Deputy Prime Minister.

Recall that the expert Valery Karbalevich criticized the plans of the government related to the transfer of the country to electricity:

“It is a question of modernizing not only industry, but also infrastructure and public utilities. All projects of modernization of individual industries, such as woodworking, ended in failure and scandal. And then the scale is completely different. The cost of this grand restructuring nobody thought. I think that all this will take no less than the construction of the nuclear power plant itself ($ 11 billion). ”