23 May 2019, Thursday, 11:21
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Journalists, Who Are Defendants In BelTA Case, Registered With Forensic Department


The investigation into the case continues.

The journalists of the tut.by portal, who are defendants in the BelTA case, were summoned to the Partyzanski district police department of Minsk for keeping criminal record, baj.by reports.

According to our colleagues, the police did not show any documents, but they verbally stated that they would put them on a criminal record for a period of 15 years.

At the same time, the investigation into the BelTA case is still ongoing, so far, the journalists are only the defendants, not the convicts.

As lawyer Pavel Sapelka explains, criminal records are used by internal authorities to solve crimes and offenses.

To do this, the police take fingerprints, a sample of saliva for DNA analysis, photographs of the person.

As previously reported, 14 journalists are defendants in the BelTA case. They are accused of unauthorized access to the paid newsline of the state news agency BelTA. Many of the defendants are also charged large sums as compensation.