27 March 2019, Wednesday, 6:46
For our and your freedom!

Did You Forget a Warhead at Home?

Iryna Khalip

The Ministry of Education is the best friend of opposition.

Well, it's just not only the best priend of opposition. It is ally, recruitor of activists. And now I know its secret algorithm.

Speaking frankly I was surprised with an increased interest of senior students. I was wondering why they had been looking for coordinators of opposition structures and offering them help, and expressing their readiness to fight and risk. Now I know that the Ministry of Education contributes to it. (Was it better to keep the mouth closed?) It recruits them and grants Komsomol package holiday. "A girl sent a soldier to the opposition".

This is how it works. Belarusian senior students have the lesson of pre-military training. They are taught to love their homeland, according to the textbook. I have decided to read it. What if my love to the homeland is not enough and it should be immediately mended. Well, it's a great book with a lot of new information for me. For example, it tells how heroic Belarusians were fighting Mongolo-Tatars on the Kulikovo Field in the sake of the Slavic brotherhood. Or on the Chudskoye Lake. In general, every column mentions "in the sake of the Slavic brotherhood". But this is something obsolete. Modern wars are the main thing. And information ones come first.

It is specifically described how western aggressors get our great country involved in this war. It describes the image of dictatorship, the way militants are trained in special camps, the way oversea masters present information about human rights. And the way watchful state heroically resists it.

Read it: "After a crushing defeat on the presidential elections of December 19 some ex-presidential candidates tried to seize power. It was planned beforehand with the involvement of foreign special services and some Western structures. As soon as election stations were closed, the website Charter-97 rushed to inform that one of presidential candidates announced the collapse of "Lukashenka's regime" and declared the creation of "the government of people's safety". Meanwhile, "militants" crushed down doors and windows of the Government's House. By 11 pm police officers managed to disperse all participants in the unauthorized gathering, the most aggressive participant were detained."

Then the textbook quotes BT TV channel and SovBel (Sovetskaya Belorussia), it tells about millions of opposition dollars which resists poor public media, which managed to film such a masterpiece like "Iron on the windowpane". And it won, because the Belarusians, as it turned out, condemned violators. The vocabulary involves following terms: "military coup", "political conspiracy", "money of European funds", "strategic plan", "illegal transfer of money", "attack on the Government's House".

And now imagine that senior students living in this mess since their birth read it. They are made march in columns, sing the anthem, learn it all by heart, sit on stadiums when Kolya Lukashenka plays hockey. They are forced to join the BRYU. Meanwhile their parents learn them to be silent, if they want to be successful, not to ask questions, to join necessary parties, if needed, and to keep their opinion to themselves or to have no opinion at all. But seniors experience hormone fluctuations, their protest is brewing and inflaming like teen-age pimples. They dream of a suitcase with dynamite to blow this gloomy, ugly world up. And all of a sudden, the school textbook writes about revolutioners, militants and rebels in Belarus. They attack the Government's House and learn how to make a riot under guise of seminars. They are so cool that they are described in textbooks. There can be a hype in our moor. Ok, who was that person who wrote about the collapse of the regime? The Charter? What is this? Wow, the source is blocked by the Ministry of Information. It is increasingly interesting. It will take a second for schoolchildren to bypass the blockage. They use torrents to download an unauthorized content. Unlike older people, they know how to quickly delete governmental decisions. That's it, new activists find contacts and join rebels. Who did contribute to it? The Ministry of Education.

The author of the book is Vyacheslav Varlamov, retired colonel. He served as a chief of the engineering facility in the missile division. He has recently celebrated his 85 years. He wrote four textbooks. There is the interview of Varlamov in Army magazine: "I will always remember the way I opened a special storage room to transfer ammunition to a new commander. Nuclear nuclear warheads were lying in a row. A great nuclear shield of the state! I approached one of them and caress it. I realised that they aim to keep us safe."

You may wonder what the problem is. Old man went nuts and careressed warheads. No problems, guys. I just wonder how many old men like him work in the Ministry of Education. Was there anyone who read all this mess before its edition? Of course, there were people who read it. And they were perfectly aware of the students' reaction to the scary story about the conspiracy and the attack.

I sincerely wish Colonel Varlamov good health and long life. The loss of warheads is really damaging to mental health. And one may see Martians to say nothing of conspirators.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org