16 June 2019, Sunday, 6:56
We are in the same boat

Biaroza Residents About November 7: How Can Anyone Celebrate This Day?


Belarus remains the only post-Soviet country, which celebrates the day of the October turnover.

Lukashenka sets the fashion here. Biaroza residents told Radio Racyja about their attitude to keeping of the October revolution holiday by the authorities:

- What kind of life do we live today?! They deceived us at full.

- How can anyone celebrate this holiday?

- Some people will come out with little flags, have a drink so as not to freeze, and then go back home, sit at a table and play - this is how they celebrate this holiday.

- What normal person can celebrate the day of the October turnover?

- Of course it’s better to celebrate the Day of Ancestors’ Memory.

Lukashenka believes he did a wise thing, having kept this holiday in history. Many think that the October turnover led to repression, deaths of millions of innocent people, dictatorship and economic backwardness.