25 March 2019, Monday, 3:25
A Challenge for Everyone

Blogger NEXTA To BT: I Have Freedom – Something That You Don't Have


After propagandists’ complaint, Youtube removed some videos of the Belarusian blogger.

Video blogger NEXTA says that Youtube deleted part of the videos from its channel after a complaint from BT. Now there are only a few videos left on the channel. Part of the videos was removed by the blogger himself.

The state media, who have a tendency to steel content themselves, accused the blogger of using TV channels’ trademarks. Then they started to complain about the use of video, that is, about copyright infringement.

The head of BT, Ivan Eismant, as well as the staff of the STV channel, complained about the blogger.

Youtube has blocked two videos of the blogger. Two other videos have been removed.

The blogger has released a new video, in which he criticizes propagandists who cannot create content that is interesting and necessary for people, although huge amounts of money are allocated from the budget for their work:

“I have something that you don’t have – it’s freedom,” – the blogger NEXTA replied to all the claims of the state media.

We remind that in the winter of this year, a criminal case for insulting the president was opened against the video blogger. NEXTA himself says that he does not agree with the accusations, since there is not a president, but a usurper in Belarus.