25 May 2019, Saturday, 11:11
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“I Am At Lesson Now”: Director Of Teaching From Video About “Driving” Pupils In Belarusian Republican Youth Union Continues To Work


Inessa Akhramovich was absent from the gymnasium for only two days.

Inessa Akhramovich, a director of teaching of the gymnasium No. 31, was absent from work for several days, but at the end of last week, she returned to her duties, Radio Svaboda reports.

Rumors about the possible dismissal of Inessa Akhramovich, the deputy director for educational work of the gymnasium No. 31, appeared the next day after the publication of gymnasium students’ video. The video went viral and in a few days gained hundreds of thousands of views on various platforms.

Soon after the publication, users of social networks started to write that the voice of the teacher on the recording is very similar to the voice of one of the directors of teaching of the gymnasium No. 31, Inessa Akhramovich. In an interview to journalists the day after the video was published, Akhramovich said that she was having a conversation in the education department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The fact that the voice from the video can belong to Inessa Akhramovich, was confirmed to journalists by several sources, including by pupils of gymnasium No. 31 and their parents.

In turn, the Ministry of Education has published an official statement about the video on “driving” pupils in the Belarusian Republican Youth Union. According to officials, the content of the video raises many questions. Therefore, officials are not going to investigate the situation.

“At that, neither the origin of the video is clear, nor whether this situation actually occurred or it is just another fake play,” – the agency’s website informed.

Journalists couldn’t get a comment in the department of education of the Minsk City Executive Committee on the information about Inessa Akhramovich’s possible dismissal from the post of deputy director of the 31st gymnasium.

A brief comment on this issue was given on November 9 by the head teacher herself. “I am at the lesson, – Inessa Akhramovich said. – I can't talk to you now.”

As it became known, after the publication of the scandalous video, Inessa Akhramovich was absent from the gymnasium for two days. “Everyone thought that they would fire her, they were convinced of it, –the mother of one of the pupils said. – However, two days later she returned and continues to work now, as if nothing had happened.”

The administration of the gymnasium No. 31 does not comment on the situation with the scandalous video.