24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:54
A Challenge for Everyone

Our Agro-Town Wonders


The dictator has disclosed a “sabotage” by the government.

Back in late October, Lukashenko, speaking of a “government sabotage,” addressed the ministers: “I can say in a popular way: the government has always been concerned with the real economy and other issues. Therefore, they will have to do everything: take the manure to the fields, sow, harvest, work at machines, and deal with technologies.”

Leanid Zaika, an economist and head of the Strategy analitical center, commented on the situation for Belhazeta:

– I do not see any contradiction here. Lukashenka has decided, since he appoints people to the government, that they, as employees, must do everything he says. Hence the conclusion: the government should not be appointed by Lukashenka, it should be hired by a representative of the Belarusian people.

– If you were invited by Lukashenka and said: “Be the prime minister. But at the same time you will be taking out the manure, riveting the nails, cleaning the garbage, laying the asphalt and holding the Dazhynki.” What would you answer him?

– I would say: I will take out the manure with pleasure, and I will not even touch the rest. It will be in the mode of market balance, market competition.

In general, I will propose to create a “smart government.”

Firstly, I will show how I live – what I have, what I don’t have. Secondly, I will liquidate a number of ministries. Thirdly, I will start to carry out administrative reforms in order to remove multistaging. The government will directly go to our regional structures, of which there will be 40-45.

For 18 months, large enterprises will work in the mode of self-determination of their own destiny – in the mode of optimizing their structures and costs. At each enterprise, a council of the future will be created, which will include 10 people from the company's administration, 10 marketing specialists, scientists and 10 representatives of the collective. They will deal with the restructuring of the enterprise and determine its development strategy.