24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:53
A Challenge for Everyone

Homel Blogger Maksim Filipovich Went On Hunger Strike After His Detention


He was arrested for 14 days.

On December 12, the Savetski district court of Homel fined the blogger Maksim Filipovich “for insult” and arrested him “for disorderly conduct” for 14 days.

According to Yuliya, Maksim Filipovich stood up for people in a shop to whom one of the visitors was rude.

“The quarrel began. Maksim started live-streaming and called the police. But he himself was made guilty,” – Yuliya said.

A cashier and a security guard testified against Filipovich at the trial.

“Although the cashier herself was the first to calm the visitor who had started the conflict,” – Yuliya notes.

The court also found this visitor guilty of insult and disorderly conduct, but punished him only with a fine.

Yuliya Filipovich considers the arrest of her husband “the beginning of a political bacchanalia,” which Lukashenka has announced.

Maxim Filippovich became popular on the back of protests against the “tax on parasites”: he said that he had been fired without explaining the reasons, had problems with finding a new job, had to pay the unemployment fee.

In his blog, he first talked about his situation and gave advice to other unemployed people, later covered the trial, where he was defending his rights, and then started to post videos from protest rallies against the “tax on parasites”. Now his “Warranty: None” youtube channel has more than 30 thousand subscribers.