24 March 2019, Sunday, 9:01
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In Brest, Medvedev Called For Introduction Of Russian Ruble In Belarus


The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation offered Rumas a single customs, currency, court, and audit office.

Russia is ready to deepen further the integration with Belarus, up to creating a common emission center, court and other bodies, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said, Interfax reports.

“I want to emphasize: Russia is ready to continue to move along the path of building the “union state”, including the creation of a single emission center, a unified customs, a court, a chamber of accounts, in the manner prescribed by the Treaty on the creation of the “union state” of December 8, 1999,” – Dmitry Medvedev said, speaking at the Council of Ministers of the “union state” on Thursday.

In this case, D. Medvedev notes, it is possible to pursue a uniform policy in the field of taxes, pricing and tariff setting.

According to the head of the Russian government, there are two options for the development of the Russian-Belarusian integration project, and one of them is conservative.

“With preserving the contours of that“ union state ”that has been created to date, (to carry out the project) without increasing the level of integration to the limits set in the Treaty of December 8, 1999, without forming all the institutions that are envisaged by this Treaty,” – D. Medvedev said.

At that, the development of the EAEU and other projects will, of course, continue.

The second variant of developing integration with Belarus is based on raising its level to the limits established in the Treaty “with increasing the interdependence of economies, the possibility of providing assistance and support during union construction, solving a variety of integration issues,” – Medvedev said.

“Which of these options to choose can be discussed here at the Supreme State Council at the level of the presidents of the two countries. In any case, we are open to discuss these issues,” – the Russian Prime Minister said.

The agreement between Belarus and the Russian Federation on introducing a single monetary unit and a single issuing center of the “union state” was signed in November 2000, entered into force on May 31, 2001.