24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:54
A Challenge for Everyone

Lukashenka To Russian Media: Gang Bangers In Poland, Ukraine Bring Down Monuments


The dictator called de-communization “idiotism”.

Lukashenka called those who demolish monuments to Soviet soldiers abroad “gang bangers”.

“Those gang bangers in Poland, Ukraine. I cannot call them by any other name, those who demolish monuments,” Lukashenka said at a meeting with the representatives of the Russian media on Friday, reports TASS.

Lukashenka paid particular attention to Poland. “600 thousand people, Soviet soldiers, they died there, liberating the countries. But today these monuments stand in their way somehow,” he said.

“When I see jackhammers, when they beat off the head of some of our commanders, this is complete idiocy. These are complete gang bangers who fight with monuments,” said Lukashenka.

The dictator has stood out today for the statement about the Ukrainian patriots defending the country from the Russian aggression. Lukashenka called them “the Nazi men gang bangers”.